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Upcoming Activities for Oregon Nikkei Endowment

Current Exhibit
Making Waves:
Portland Taiko's 25th Anniversary

Open to the public July 18, 2019

Founded in 1994, Portland Taiko blends the tradition of Japanese taiko drumming with a sense of Asian American identity, creativity, and empowerment. Making Waves traces Portland Taiko's 25 years of drumming and community engagement through concert footage, music, video interviews, costumes, posters, programs, and special items.

Oregon Nikkei Endowment's 30th Anniversary Celebration

30th Anniversary Celebration
Saturday, September 14, 2019, 4-6:30pm
Festival Street, NW 4th & Flanders, Portland
Cost: $30 (until September 7th), $50 on the day

Join us for music, food, and fun as we celebrate our 30th anniversary and make some big announcements!

Put your hard hat on and enjoy a sneak peek of our new museum space and renovation plans. Help build the foundation to ensure our future!

Matsutake Hunt
October 19-20, 2019
Cost: TBD
For current and new Friends of Oregon Nikkei Endowment only

matsutakeJoin us on a field trip to hunt and gather Matsutake mushrooms on the Oregon Coast. This outing is especially designed for novices and is open to Friends of Oregon Nikkei Endowment.

Scheduled itinerary (subject to change) includes a guided matsutake hunt in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, a Social Hour and salmon dinner on Saturday evening, breakfast Sunday, and additional mushroom hunting on Sunday (lodging in Yachats is not included).

Resources & Services
Check out our Resources page to learn more about the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center's programs, which provide tangible reminders of the richness and vitality that ethnic minorities can bring to societies that hold sacred the rights of its citizens and regard as a blessing the diversity of its people.

Other Community Events
Please visit Discover Nikkei for more information about upcoming events in the area and around the world:

Oregon Physicians for Society Responsibility
The Unequal Impacts of Nuclear Weapons: Hiroshima & Nagasaki Memorial 2019
Tuesday, August 6, 6pm
at the Japanese American Historical Plaza
Free and open to the public

This year's event will explore the disproportionate impacts that nuclear weapons have on women, children, indigenous communities, and communities of color. Michiko Kornhauser, a hibakusha (atomic bomb survivor), will discuss her first-hand experiences as a young girl living near Hiroshima during the bombing. Event emcee will be Kurt Ikeda, Education Manager at Oregon Nikkei Endowment. Visit www.oregonpsr.org for more information.

Portland Chinatown Museum
Beyond the Gate: A Tale of Portland’s Historic ChinatownsBeyond the Gate: A Tale of Portland's Historic Chinatowns
Grand Opening: December 15, 2018
at Portland Chinatown Museum (127 NW 3rd Avenue, Portland)

Beyond the Gate was originally created as a temporary exhibit for the Oregon Historical Society by Dr. Jacqueline Peterson-Loomis with the help of Carey Wong, Jennifer Fang, and the Portland Chinatown History Foundation. This expanded version of Beyond the Gate is the new permanent exhibition for the Portland Chinatown Museum. Visit www.portlandchinatownmuseum.org to learn more.

Yale UnionYutaka Matsuzawa
Yutaka Matsuzawa
On display June 30–August 18, Thursday–Sunday, noon–6pm
at Yale Union (800 SE 10th Avenue, Portland)
Free admission

Yutaka Matsuzawa (1922–2006) was considered the father of Japanese conceptual art. Born in Shimo Suwa in central Japan, he studied architecture during the war, and upon witnessing the after effects of the firebombing of Tokyo in March 1945, he proclaimed upon his graduation from school that he wished "to create an architecture of invisibility." In his pursuit of ways to express the invisible invisibly, Matsuzawa began to develop a unique understanding of conceptual art that both elevated and transcended the typical notions of conceptual art in the western, euro-centric art worlds.

The exhibition at Yale Union will be the first in the U.S. for Yutaka Matsuzawa, and alongside the exhibition the artist’s seminal publication, Quantum Art Manifesto, from 1988, will be re-published for the first time outside of Japan. Visit yaleunion.org to learn more.

Lan Su Chinese Garden
Lan Su Chinese Garden Travels on the Silk Road
July-August 2019
at Lan Su Chinese Garden (239 NW Everett Street, Portland)

Silk has played an integral role in China's economic and artistic life for thousands of years. It is used in clothing, commerce, a material for decorating, and a medium for artists. It also functioned as currency, an agricultural staple, and a method for paying taxes. For centuries China was the only place where silkworms were domesticated and silk fabric woven. Discover the Silk Road in July & August at Lan Su with talks, silk embroidery art, and a display of live silkworms. Visit www.lansugarden.org to learn more.

Architectural Heritage CenterThe Artistic and Eclectic Will Martin
The Artistic and Eclectic Will Martin
On display through July 27, 2019
at the Architectural Heritage Center

This original, comprehensive exhibition about the Portland and Oregon architect Will Martin (1930-1985), best known as the designer of Pioneer Courthouse Square, captures the full range of Martin's creative work as an architect, artist, and imaginative thinker. This exhibition demonstrates the vibrant fusion between art and architecture as it played out in Martin's built and unbuilt work, from his earliest projects in the late 1950s, his modernist suburban work, his playful and experimental designs for private residences, to his forays into postmodernism prior to his untimely death in 1985. Visit visitahc.org to learn more.

Past events:

No More Tears Rally

Plaza Cleanup
plaza cleanupSunday, June 2, 8am - noon
at the Japanese American Historical Plaza (NW Couch Street and Naito Parkway)

Volunteers are needed to help us clean the Japanese American Historical Plaza on Sunday, June 2, starting at 8am. Clean-up activities include pulling weeds, sweeping, and picking up litter. If possible, volunteers are encouraged to bring a broom, dust pan, rake, work gloves, water, flag markers, and any other tools and supplies that might be useful.


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Current Exhibit

Making Waves:
Portland Taiko's 25th Anniversary

July 18 – August 25, 2019

Making Waves
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